In the pipe, July 2021

General / 12 July 2021


Collab time!

General / 06 March 2021

Sneak peak at yet another project in the pipe. A really cool collaboration project with the incredibly talented Bob Rissetto!

That makes four concurrent projects in addition to my job! Woohoo. I am really looking forward to painting this, assuming I live through the next three weeks.

#conceptart #comicbookart #spacepirate

Class Assignments 2

General / 16 February 2021

Class Exercises

General / 10 February 2021

Some more class assignments from CGMA and Syn, new and old


Intro to Character Design with Cole Marchetti - Week 2

General / 31 January 2021

Some homework from week 2, character silhouette thumbnails. I am LOVING this class.

Hello World

General / 26 January 2021

Test test~ Fake sketchbook